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Shipwrecks are time capsules that offer us a rare look into the past.

Operating since 2006, Malaysian based company, Ming Blue & White Sdn. Bhd. specializes in the trade of historical shipwreck artifacts with ABSOLUTE PROVENANCE (where there is absolute proof on the origin of where the artifact came from).

Ming Blue & White is proud to give you the opportunity to own a unique memento of this bygone era when merchant ships voyaging to distant lands first bridged east and west.

Our top-of-the-line collection, Tradewind Treasures is the registered trademark for a range of exquisite jewellery created and contemporized from late Ming Dynasty blue-and-white porcelain SHARDS recovered from a 17th century shipwreck site (Wanli shipwreck site circa 1625). Set in 92.5 Sterling Silver, each piece is individually handcrafted to preserve as much of the original artistry of the ancient Chinese potters which ensures that each item is truly ONE OF A KIND.

Each item in our collection is engraved with a serial number that is inscribed onto a Certificate of Authenticity (or provenance). The Certificate provides a GUARANTEE that the piece is a genuine historic artifact and also gives the buyer important historical information on the ship that carried this ceramic cargo.

Each Tradewind Treasures pendant, pair of cufflinks, ring, earrings, bracelet, brooch or bookmark is packed in its own silk lined box containing a serialized certificate.

Our 2nd line – MyKraak - created its name from "kraak ware" - blue-and-white porcelain dishes with painted decorations of auspicious motifs, naturalistic scenes, insects, animals, Daoist symbols, flowers. The term "kraak" may also have derived from the type of Portuguese ship used to carry this merchandise, called "carrack" in the 1600's. The Wanli Collection features rare Ming export-ware or kraak from the Wanli period, circa 1625. This wreck, believed to be that of a Portuguese carrack, is arguably one of the most important finds of blue & white of this period known to exist.

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