Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can you prove that your shipwreck ceramic shard is genuine?
    Each Tradewind Treasures item – cufflink, earring, ring, pendant, bookmark, brooch, bracelet – has a serial number. This serial number is recorded in a Certificate of Authenticity which outlines the PROVENANCE of the item i.e. tracing it to the 17th century Ming Dynasty Blue-and-White kraakware that was part of the shipment of the Portuguese merchant ship coming from China and heading for either Batavia (Jakarta) or Malacca. The intact artifacts are called the Wanli Collection.
    Do please have a look at our video which focuses on the shipwreck which carried the Ming Dynasty shards that were recovered.

  2. Will there be a discount if I make a large order?
    We will definitely look into it, if you make a large order directly from what is displayed in our online shop.
    Please email me at for now.
    Please understand that CUSTOMIZED orders are different from a large order because of the nature of our product. Additional charges will be incurred.

  3. How do I place an Order?
    Make your selection/s by ADDING TO SHOPPING CART. Your total price will include shipping via COURIER. Your payment and shipping information is gathered in an encrypted form over a Secure Server for data transmission protection.

  4. When an item is "out of stock" what does it mean?
    Sometimes an order will come in immediately prior to you placing your own order, and the item will become unavailable before the order button has been modified! Another possibility, is that you are viewing a page that has been updated, but your computer is showing you an older stored (cached) version of it. To make sure you are seeing the most recent version of our web page, click "Reload/Refresh" on your browser toolbar.

  5. What are my payment options?
    We use Paypal to accept VISA AND MASTERCARD.

  6. Is your site secure?
    The Tradewind Treasures site was developed to support secure online purchasing through secure socket layer (SSL) technology; using 128 Bit encryption. This technology works best when the site is viewed using Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

  7. How is the purchase shipped?
    We use an international courier service. Shipping rates are based on the location from which you made your order. Shipping rates Shipping rates are actual courier rates based on the location.

  8. What about import duty?
    Ming Blue & White cannot accept responsibility for payment of import duty. All orders are shipped internationally from our address in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to your provided shipping address via COURIER. Due to the nature of international shipping, occasionally a customer may have to pay additional import duties and taxes which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. The large majority of orders will not have to pay any additional fees.

  9. Can you ship my order to someone else as a gift?
    We are happy to send your order out as a gift! On the Shopping Cart, enter the gift recipient address for the correct shipping address. On the CheckOut form, you will enter both the gift recipient shipping address, as well as your credit card billing address. You can also provide additional instruction in the comments field. Please note... if you do not tell us that this is in fact a gift, then we assume that your order is NOT a gift, so your name and receipts name will be included in the package!

  10. I placed an order, but I did not receive any email confirmations, what does that mean?
    You should received TWO emails from us after placing an on-line order. The first is automated, and is sent immediately after your order is submitted, the second is sent by a person after reviewing your order to confirm shipping dates. If you received the first email, then the second will arrive within 12 hours (excluding weekends). If you did not receive the first, then the most likely problem is a wrong email address entered in the Shopping Cart. Please contact us at +603-77853438 or send us a email at with your order and contact information.

  11. I placed an order, how do I print a copy of it?
    You can print the "Thank You" screen that appears after your order is submitted and accepted, using the Print feature of your Internet Browser. You will also receive an email receipt for your order, which you can print from your email system.

  12. Where is my order, what if it arrives late or not at all?
    After you placed your order, we emailed you with a delivery date by the carrier method you selected. If it is now beyond that date, please contact us for tracking information (all orders by UPS and FedEx can be tracked en-route). Expedited shipping services offer a money-back guarantee. In the rare and unfortunate circumstance that your package is permanently lost in transit, we will either replace the item or refund you in full.

  13. Can I track my order shipment?
    Yes, you can. In your 2nd email from us (confirmation email about shipping dates), we also provided you a tracking information, that is available for all packages shipped! Use the tracking number on the UPS or FedEx tracking websites to see the status of your shipment (available by the end of the day your package is shipped). If you did not get the tracking link from us in an email, contact us with your name and order number!

  14. Are your prices in US dollars?

  15. What procedure am I to follow if I receive damaged goods or am not satisfied with the goods that I receive?
    Please read our return policy.

  16. What is normal delivery time before goods are dispatched?
    Most goods are dispatched within 3 working days. In the event that your order will be dispatched in more than 3 days, we will inform you by email.

  17. I have more than one quantity for the item I want to buy in my Shopping Cart, how do I correct that?
    You may have clicked on [Add to Shopping Card] twice, causing this to happen. Simply change the quantity to 0 and choose Update My Cart.

  18. How do I order more than one of the same item?
    Each Tradewind Treasures item you purchase is ONE-OF-A-KIND. It is a finite product created from a Ming Porcelain plate shard recovered from a shipwreck. You can order more than one item which have similar motifs and shapes but no one item is an exact copy of the other.

  19. How long will my Shopping Cart selections remain available?
    Items you have put into your Shopping Cart may remain in your Cart for up to 24 hours, until you complete CheckOut and place your final order. Until the order is completed with payment, though, your merchandise is not set aside for you, and could be ordered by someone else and sell out. But enjoy browsing our website at your leisure, selecting items you think you want, then go back to it and make your final decisions!

  20. What is CVV2 Security Code and where to find it?
    CVV2 is an important feature ensuring security when you are using your credit card for transactions on the Internet and over the phone. "CVV" is an abbreviation for "Card Verification Value". For Discover Card the same thing is called the "Cardmember ID".
    Most credit cards, such as *Visa*, *Mastercard*, and *Discover*, have a three-digit CVV2 number printed in the signature space on the back. It is always the last group of numbers in the signature space on the back of the card. Please keep in mind that it is NOT part of your regular credit card number.The CVV2 is a means of fraud protection that helps validate two things: that the customer has the credit card in their possession and that the credit card number is legitimate.
    By preventing fraud CVV2 helps keep costs down for everyone.

  21. When am I charged for my order?
    You are charged the same day that the goods are shipped out.

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