Chinese Motifs

Symbolic motifs have always been an integral part of Chinese life. The more popular motifs symbolize longevity, wealth, good fortune, love, marital bliss. The dragon and the phoenix, for instance, represent power and rejuvenation. Ming Dynasty blue-and-white porcelain continues to charm the world with lively and spontaneous free painted images of deer, crickets and birds in natural settings. The main decorative motif of a "bird on a rock" represents springtime and longevity.

The Tradewind Treasures collection is unique in this way. It is truly one-of-a-kind because each piece of shard is carefully studied to ensure that each motif or abstract line enhances the final design. Some make better pendants, others work better as bracelets. By being a pair, cufflinks and earrings demand additional time and attention.

The motifs described here are the more popular motifs you will see in a Tradewind Treasures collection. Rare motifs are those of the dragon, phoenix, butterfly and the Chinese symbol of "long life" (Shou).

Please click on each individual motif to find out its significance.

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